2024 Leaf Label Releases

April 18th, 2024

MINING – Chimet

After a lengthy gestation, and many years in the making, Chimet has already been making waves(!) digitally, but is soon to be available on CD (and in a unique double-LP format) from May 17th. It’s a project involving myself, Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby, and PJ Davy. Together, we have endeavoured to bring our varied interests of the sea, sailing, data, and electronic music together to make something that, although driven by a large set of sea data, aspires to be musically emotive, and compelling enough to bear many repeated listens(!). 

You can find out more about the project on the MINING Bandcamp page (all orders placed will be delivered by the May 17th).


Made in a single day, this is the latest offering from an ongoing collaboration with Nightports (Adam Martin & Mark Slater), and is scheduled for release on May 24th. As far as we know, this is the first album to have been made featuring the Dulcitone as a solo instrument… 

Here’s an attempt to explain everything about the Dulcitone, and the process behind the music:

Machell will be available on all DSPs, so do head on over to the Nightports Bandcamp page to listen and pre-order the full album.

For those of you in the north, we’ll be bringing this to the Brudenell Piano Sessions at Howard Assembly Room in Leeds, June 9th.