Two Projects for Glenn Armstrong: Sine qua non & Salomé (with Kit Downes)

July 7th, 2014


Sine qua non – Serge Gainsbourg re-imagined

Out now on Coup Perdu records is the gorgeously-recorded, beautifully-packaged Sine qua non – Serge Gainsbourg re-imagined. Recorded at Abbey Road studios in 2013, SQN is a testament to producer/curator Glenn Armstrong’s aesthetic vision and ear for detail and quality. I was fortunate enough to have played in two duos on the record – one with violinist Ros Stephen and another with Saxophonist Gilad Atzmon. Included with this lavish double album, is the bonus record Sine qua non plus: exquisite solo guitar versions of many of SG’s compositions by Leonardo Lara. Visit the Coup Perdu website for more information – and also for a look at Laurence Ismay’s documentary, Looking for Melody, about the making of the album.


Oscar Wilde’s famous play, Salomé has been the object of Glenn’s fascination since seeing what was to become a life-changing production at The Roundhouse in the late 1970s. Fast-forwarding to the present day, Glenn now has made plans to make his own film version of this iconic play – recruiting myself and the inimitable [Kit Downes] to jointly compose the music for this endeavour. Kit and I have been looking to work together more often but, finding the space to do so has always proved tricky but, thanks to Glenn, we may just have the focus we need. So, watch this space…