New Releases: collaborations w/Nostalgia 77 & Jerry David DeCicca

November 30th, 2017

I’m very pleased to announce the release of these two records on Impossible Ark Records. They are words apart (musically speaking), and have both been in the making over the last year or two.

First up, is Machines of Loving Grace – which is a collaboration between myself, drummer Tim Giles and Benedic Lamdin (AKA Nostalgia 77). It is unapologetically analogue in both synthesisers and groove persuasion, and was created over the course of several sessions in London, and at home in Airedale. I think the cover just about sums it up…


The second record, Jerry David DeCicca‘s Time the Teacher, is also something rather special. It was a real pleasure to record piano for this record – and something very different to what I normally get up to. Jerry’s songs are beautifully unique, and required a particular pianistic approach. I chose to adopt my usual ‘complete take’ approach over compiling the bets bits from a variety of takes, which was a challenge as I would often have to stop and restart from the beginning if I played too many notes. This album is a real gem, and a perfect introduction to Jerry’s work, if you haven’t heard him, before.