Bösendorfer Imperial – Photo Journal

June 10th, 2022

Today was no ordinary Friday. For years I had only dreamed about the idea of building a studio, and even less the idea of anything like the instrument now sitting inside it. I’ll save talk of the build, and the instrument for future Blog instalments, but for now, figured a photo journal of today’s events might mark something, at least.

This was undoubtedly one of the most audacious piano deliveries ever attempted in this postcode – and on a steep slope, with loose earth underfoot, and high winds, the team from Besbrode Pianos Leeds made light of the conditions, and are the absolute BEST (and they did it twice – removing my old Yamaha C3 from the house and into the studio via the same method).

Don’t let the sunshine deceive you…

I looked back through some old photographs and reminded myself what the space used to look like as a ramshackle garage, and the day that Paul Bolderson accompanied me here on my second viewing, and on entering the garage (and well out of earshot of its then owner), took me aside, and said through clenched teeth:

“Why the fuck haven’t you bought this place already?!”

He would have loved how it’s turned out. The traces of his friendship echo around the place as progress is made, and I have no doubt he would have loved being advisory site foreman, with perennial Cuppa Tea in hand… x

(photographs by Jane Phipps)