Perrier Jazz Awards 2001 & The Electric Dr. M: Archival Footage

April 1st, 2016

I thought it was time to save some archive footage from VHS obscurity. Both of the following videos feature the same McDonalds / McSlavery / McProfits / McGarbage / McMurder large-size T-Shirt (which I still own).

This is footage of where it all started for me, really; and features my first EVER interview…

The following year I was asked to appear as part of Jazz on 3’s first ever ‘Adventures in Sound’, at London Jazz Festival. I asked if I could perform with a band I played in at the time; The Electric Dr. M, with drummers Dave Black & Sam Hobbs, bassist Riaan Vosloo and guitarist Chris Sharkey.

This entire concert, which begins with a solo piano introduction, is the ONLY FOOTAGE IN EXISTENCE of this band, so sit back and enjoy the improv…

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