Xiamen Wanderings – 27/02/12

February 29th, 2012

My first efforts with the video camera to try and capture some glimpses of daily life in Xiamen before I get sidetracked by Gulangyu island and other piano-based activities in the next few days. ‘First efforts’ must be emphasised – I’m a neophyte and am certainly no Alain Resnais or Claudia Marschal but the camera is fixed to the palm of my hand most days. I’ve learned to be more disciplined with the zoom function (I think).
Many thanks to The Leaf Label for uploading this video onto the blog. Like the illusionist, David Copperfield – who walked through The Great Wall of China, years ago; we have, together, in our own way, found an illusory path through the virtual Great Firewall of China. Not as impressive as Copperfield’s achievement though, is it…?