New album: Isotach

May 25th, 2017

I’m delighted to announce my new album Isotach. Recorded at home in Airedale, this is a somewhat deliberate return to all things mechanical and physical (i.e. the piano and cello). Much of the music is quite still, and if you listen carefully you might just be able to make out the sound of various weather beating itself against the windows. Isotach is my third solo album for The Leaf Label, and marks yet another milestone in my musical partnership with producer Sam Hobbs.

Isotach will be released on August 18th, and you can pre-order the album on LP+CD/CD/download here.

Clash Magazine video premiere

May 24th, 2017


Clash Magazine have decided to premiere the first of three videos featuring myself playing / talking about the forthcoming album for The Leaf Label: Isotach. Directed by Ray Kane, these videos were shot at my home in Airedale, where the music was recorded. Hopefully these will shed some light on the music from a different angle. Release dates to follow, soon.

CANDELA (for Sascha Heeney)

March 27th, 2017


My new album will be released on The Leaf Label this summer. Recorded at home in Airedale, it marks a return to my first musical love: the piano (and cello). It’s slow, intense, meditative. The ‘single’ from the album, ‘Candela (for Sascha Heeney)’, is indicative of the general mood of the album – and it’s FREE to download!


I’ll be back with more information, pre-orders and a release date in due course, so stay tuned… X


March 24th, 2017



Today, I will be live, on air, on Worldwide FM for an hour, playing whatever I like – as a precursor to my Piano Day concert with Trim at Union Chapel, on March 29.

SO, tune in to WORLDWIDE FM between 11:00-12:00 today to listen live. The session is also streamed live on the Worldwide FM FACEBOOK page.

You can also contribute via their TWITTER feed @worldwidefm

See you over the ether…


November 12th, 2016

This year, Leeds College of Music have asked if I would curate six evenings of music at The White Swan, in Leeds. The musical focus of these evenings emphasises  original and exploratory music; showcasing student bands from LCoM alongside players from the UK scene (and beyond). The first of these concerts will take place on NOVEMBER 15, and will feature myself, Ed Jones (saxophone), and Joost Hendrickx (drums); and ‘John Frisco‘, led by LCoM student, LARA JONES.


The second concert on DECEMBER 6, will feature two duos: Dave Kane (bass) & Chris Sharkey (guitar/electronics), and Epic Toe Birth: Johnny Richards (keyboards/electronics/piano) & Michael Bardon (bass/electronics).

Do come along THIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, have a few winter pints of local ale and craft beer at The White Swan, and support this new event. I couldn’t think of a better way to take enjoy the refuge from the cold weather on a Tuesday night…


 Stay tuned via FACEBOOK, or watch out for #BLACKCYGNET on Twitter.


September 29th, 2016


moogmemory plus is an EP of new tracks – a companion piece of sorts, to moogmemory, released earlier this year. It’s available to pre-order HERE. You can also read more about these tracks in the most recent BLOG POST.

The first track on the EP, Keighley, features in a film made by Michael England, whilst we were in preparation for our collaborative live show. It was an incredible experience working with Michael, and this is a really lovely piece of work.



Also, I’ll be taking part in Patch-work: Analogue Electronic Night at Belgrave Music Hall, on November 9, as part of the Leeds International Film Festival.


Short but sweet, this time. You can also subscribe to the very-occasional newsletter, too. x


September 3rd, 2016

SPATCHCOCK‘ nights were legendary: hosted by a community of extraordinarily creative people living in amongst the warehouses in Overbuy Road, London. Raucous, intense, powerful, FUN. As the evenings progressed, one could be guaranteed of becoming quite mashed-up, and continuing well into the following morning…

SPATCHCOCK had asked if I would play an old upright piano – one they were looking to dispose of. Not wishing to pay for its removal, they asked that, as part of the performance, would I mind progressively destroying it… Armed with tools from Rupert Lees‘s nearby workshop, I set about the task of a ‘demolition performance’. The video ends with an ‘encore’ performed off-camera, on another upright, elsewhere in the warehouse.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 20.46.08

The debris from the demolition was recycled, and fashioned into functional or decorative items by Rupert Lees; and the strung, iron frame, is still in use today, at Ellis Gardiner‘s nearby studio.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 20.50.11

The adventurous and creative spirit that fostered the SPATCHCOCK nights lives on in venues such as New River Studios, just across the way.




September 3rd, 2016

Back in 2015, NIGHTPORTS (AKA Adam Martin and Mark Slater), asked if I would be interested in working with them on a new recording project. So, I said YES – and we begun. The first recording session took place on a rainy day at home in Airedale, and the second, in my most favourite place in Leeds city centre: at BESBRODE PIANOS. I owe such a debt of gratitude to Melvin, Steve, Sophie, Trevor, and all the others who work there – they’ve been such good friends to me over the years I’ve lived in Leeds (TWENTY YEARS, this year!).

SO – I thought I’d share a few glimpses of the forthcoming project with you. And yes, you can expect an ALBUM RELEASE in 2017…

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 15.05.12


Do have a look at the NIGHTPORTS WEBSITE, read their MANIFESTO, and keep an eye out for upcoming news.




September 2nd, 2016

Back in June, I played a selection of pieces from moogmemory for Daylight Music at Union Chapel, London. Later on, in the evening, I also played a solo piano concert as part of the Transmission Concert Series, at St. Catherine’s Church, Telegraph Hill. It’s about forty minutes in length, and is not a bad representation of where I’m up to at the moment…

I’d forgotten all about the filming – and many thanks to Ed Bennett and Xenia Pestova for inviting me to play in this amazing space.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy…x


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 18.57.55


August 19th, 2016



Bit of a last-minute plug for the second fundraising concert for the Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival, at The Verdict, Brighton, tomorrow (Saturday August 20), doors from 19:30. I’ll be playing a solo piano set, alongside saxophone & double bass duo, Knoel Scott & Jair-Rhom Parker Wells; and Brighton’s very own West Hill Blast Quartet. Festival director, Dan Spicer, has put together an incredible programme for next month’s festival SO, do come down tomorrow and hear a little hint of what’s to come – you will be made welcome, and your support will be very much appreciated…